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07:00 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Suggestions: RE: Planet capacity
My suggestion is that the limit will be on farm land on those planets as well
06:59 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Suggestions: Planet capacity
Just like planet earth, which has a maximum capacity of about 10 bilion people (due to limited availability of farm l...
06:10 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Bug #34 (Closed): Typos and misspelling
Hello developers
+I would like to inform you about some typos that I observed in the "Research" window:+
* "Med...
06:01 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Support #33 (New): high battery consumption
Hello dear creators
I frequently run the game on my cellphone (iPhone 7), and the game is really battery consuming, ...
05:56 PM SpaceCraftAlpha General Discussion: RE: Say Hey!
Hey! <3

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