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10:36 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #59 (Closed): Factory: "Production power" Explained
10:34 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #59 (New): Factory: "Production power" Explained
10:33 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #59 (Closed): Factory: "Production power" Explained
08:16 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #156 (Closed): Explain attack types and attack stregth in send fleet
07:50 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #155 (Closed): Hide factory and research
Hide the factory and research from both nation page and main menu, until the planet have engineers / scientists


11:57 AM SpaceCraftAlpha Researchers discovered new planet entirely made of cheese
The planet, called BlueMold-1041c, is only around 1.06 times larger than Earth, making it very similar to our own pla...


04:54 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Task #137 (Closed): chat suggestions
Moved everything to separate issues. closing issue
04:53 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #149 (Closed): Explain facility % bar
all new players miss the facilities bar,
need to explain that for example under the solar/coal plant there is a gree...
04:52 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Suggestion #148 (New): Notification if got attacked after logging back in
04:49 PM SpaceCraftAlpha Feature #147 (New): Mute chat only
Add option to mute sound only.
Should be persistent configuration (saved when exit)

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