Turns are a special resource that is generated every tick (minute). You start with a base production of 0.2 turns per tick and can increase this amount by leveling the Turn Generator in Facilities.

Storage and limit

The base storage limit of turns is 200 but you can increase this by leveling the Turn Storage in Facilities. If you reach your turn limit, you stop producing turns. Turn rewards from chests can go beyond the maximum storage limit.

Click the green bar to spend those turns.

Each turn you spend is equivalent to 1 tick. To spend turns, click the green bar in the energy tab, turns are symbolized by the hourglass.

You can spend your turns in:

a) Credits, you receive Credits based on your brute income (expenses are not counted)
b) Untrained units, you receive Untrained Units based on your unit production rate
c) Mines, you receive Coal, Iron and Gold based on your minig value of these resources from mines, workers and slaves
d) Barracks, you speed the unit training in the barracks based on the Training Speed of the unit you are training, essentially you “skip” time
e) Factory, you speed the production in the factory based on your Production Power, essentially you “skip” time
f) Research, you speed the current research based on your Research Power, essentially you “skip” time


You have an income of 10 billion Credits per tick. 
> You spend 10 turns.
You receive 100 billion Credits.
You are training Spies and the estimated time is 10 minutes.
> You spend 10 turns.
All Spies are instantly trained.
You are researching Solar Power and the estimated time is 20 minutes.
> You spend 10 turns.
Solar Power research is not at 50% and the estimated time is 10 minutes.

special thanks for writing the wiki to André Lima Pupo Nogueira