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Beginner tips by Pritrostell (in my opinion :D )

  1. When starting a new planet your big focus should be on increasing your unit production. More sprouts per tick = more farmers = even more sprouts per tick!
  2. A good rule of thumb I've found to keep sickness at bay is have around a 10% doctor to farmer ratio. Obviously your mileage will vary but for the early game this should help keep sickness down.
  3. Don't be alarmed by your happiness changing wildly due to wealth change in the early game. This is common and will automatically correct itself over a small amount of time. If you want to speed it up you can change your workers to resting by clicking on the happiness section and using the drop down menu.
  4. Running a negative credit per tick balance is totally fine. As long as you have enough cash on your planet to last you a few days minimum, you can always sell some iron or gold to replenish your funds and make more than you are "losing".
  5. Once you have a decent amount of farmers going start to mix in some engineers and scientists. The engineers will let you build mines for passive iron and gold income, and the researchers let you start working towards your first new colony, or letting you deploy more fleets at once.
  6. Build some miners in your factory and send them to lava planets. They will passively mine iron for you giving you a huge influx of resources to either build up your planet (barracks, factory, food facility) or sell on the market to other players.
  7. Farmers + food factory = untrained production boom. It may seem useless or slow at first but it will pick up in time.
  8. A good time to start your first colonization research is when it is less than 1 month's research time. As you train more researchers it will continue to update and drop that time down. The reason I say to wait for at LEAST 1 month or less is so you can research some smaller QOL things first like supervision and computer technology.
  9. If you find you are being harassed by another player over and over try joining a large alliance or making one of your own with other players in your system. Diplomacy can take you far, but so can a fleet of ships from several allies!
  10. Set yourself a goal! My first goal was to get 1m farmers. Then it changed to 1b farmers, then 1b of every unit (except doctors). These goals gave me a clear focus and let me build up my colonies with specific directions in mind.
  11. Assassins are very important when entering the mid game! They defend you from other players assassins, and let you take out enemy engineers, defenses, etc.

Please keep in mind these tips are just my own opinion and things I noticed helped me out more over time. Feel free to message me on discord or in game if you want any more help or if you have questions, or even ask in the discord in general chat or questions chat. Multiple opinions can help you make a more informed choice (for example I think the income facility is useless but I've been told it's really good so :P)

Detailed guide for new players by Pikayellow

(This is what I found to be the most efficient in my first week after following Pritrostell's guide :D )

  1. When you first start you'll want to focus on missions, they explains how certain things work and guide you a bit, plus the rewards are great early on, focus on units related missions, especially the farmer ones
  2. You can and probably should sell some iron and gold in the market for money, I'd recommend selling iron at the start since you'll get more than you'll need soon enough
  3. You should always make sure you're claiming the free chest whenever you can as it can give you some units which can help a lot early on, as for your turns I'd recommend spending them on resources at the very start to sell for money and then units once you have 300-400+ units per tick (you can upgrade the food factories in facilities to get more units from turns without using the factories, but it'd make them less efficient with engineers to run for when you start using them later)
  4. After finishing the 1mil farmers mission only a few would be left, you don't need to rush them, instead focus on getting up to 2-3mil farmers, also when you're done with all your missions except spying and research you can untrain all your industrial and commercial workers and miners as they'll be useless for a while (pointed out by gunroot: after untraining commercial workers your wealth will be affected, you can either buy some slaves to make up for it or lower the work mode more for at least 8h for wealth to update and then put it back to whatever you want, that way you avoid any happiness issues from it)
  5. You will need to keep a bunch of doctors, early on 5% of your population as doctors should be good, a better way is to just keep checking in the happiness tab if you're getting any sick people if so you'll want to add doctors, and it is important to make sure you don't just barely have enough doctors before you leave for a while (5h+) since while you're offline with the added untrained you can get a lot of sickness spreading and come back to low productivity as a result, and that especially happens the first time since you don't expect it yet then
  6. You also will need to upgrade your barracks early on in order to train units faster, the same goes for the factory once you start using it, and if you can afford it try to buy 1 to 5mil slaves from the market, they'll help you for resource production
  7. For happiness I recommend changing the work mode to holiday or less, the income early on is almost nothing and you'll need happiness constantly 100%, don't mind a negative income, you'll have a highly negative income if you're doing things right, just make sure you keep enough money on you to pay it off while you're not online
  8. One of the missions will give you a miner ship, immediately use that to start mining nearby lava planets, after mining from one it'll show you how much iron per tick you can mine from it, you'll want to find 75+ per tick to mine from for good efficiency, the miner ship can hold 1k resources, after that you'll want to send it back to mine more, as long as you're online you'll want to focus on always having your miner ships working
  9. At the factory you'll want to focus on making miner ships only, a good way to get a nice production early on is to have 300k engineers and 100k industrial workers, you can get that after reaching 2-3mil farmers
  10. For research you can start with just 10k scientists, later on you can add up to 250k when you have units to spare, 250k is enough until you finish your first research which should be medicine, once you're making a few mil units a day you can get it up to 1mil scientists or more
  11. The facilities are probably the most important section, once you reach 2-3mil farmers you'll want to start getting engineers to use the facilities, coal power, wood cutters, and food factories are the 3 you'll want to focus on a lot, you'll want a self sufficient system to keep the food facilities running, and as long as you can afford the upgrades for the facilities you should get a engineers to at least half your farmers amount or higher if you can
  12. In the facilities there's also mines, once you have units to spare you can get more engineers and start using the gold mine then the iron mine once the gold mine gets expensive, I'd recommend gold up to level 20 and then iron till about level 15
  13. Lastly for pvp, I won't go to detail on that as I personally lack experience in that since my solar system is kind of peaceful, but before you enable it make sure your star system is somewhat safe, and you can always ask others for help on what to do about pvp, there are many ways to deal with being attacked by stronger players so don't give up if you get attacked

Keep in mind these are not exact or absolute, it's what I personally have found to be most efficient during my first week of playing and thought of sharing since I've seen some people still struggling to progress when they first start. If I have missed any critical part of the game that's not pvp related let me know and I'll add it