Profile Game Policy / Rules can not be responsible for any of the content the users may share via the in game chat or related social networks.
nevertheless, we promise to try our best to keep the game and the social networks safe and fun place to everyone.
We intend to do so by delegating power to trusted players, and giving them the proper tools to enforce the following rules:

Base Rules
No Multi-Accounting:
Multi-Accounting is the action that a single user creates multiple accounts to benefit themselves ingame, to either boost the growth rate of a single or multiple accounts.

No Harassment:
Harassment is the act of annoying, threatening, extortion, or making unreasonable demands of other users. Any form of harassment is frowned upon, and will be handled according to severity.

Bug Abuse (Bug-Using):
Exploiting and abusing errors of any sort in the game's programming is strictly prohibited. Any bugs found by the players should be reported to the Discord immediately. Players who exploit a bug; and those who fail to report a bug, will be dealt with according to severity.

Gameplay Modification:
Interfering with the game's intended mode of design and play, such as methods that cause excessive server traffic or methods impairing to gameplay, should be avoided. External scripts; such as macros, hacks, or such scripts that would allow a user an unfair advantage that interfere with the game's inner workings, are grounds for an immediate and permanent block from the game. The Administrators reserve the right to claim damages or costs for administrative expenses.

Language Barrier Addendum:
Players that cannot adhere to the game's rules due to their nationality, age, etc. are presented with the rules using an internal interpretation of those rules as an addition. This way no legal binding of the player to the general rules of operation is established; however, an equal judgement of all players is guaranteed.

Chat Rules
No bad language, inappropriate words, or spam allowed on chat

No Racism, Sexism, or other forms of Xenophobia:
We would like to foster a non hostile and friendly gaming environment for [], so to achieve this we ask all of our players to refrain from making other players feel uncomfortable and be respectful. Treat others the way you want to be treated, please and thank you.

No Profanity:
To attempt to keep this community all ages, we ask our users limit their usage of profanity and other vulgar forms of slang and linguistics to allow us to foster an environment for all players alike. This is another rule that will be dealt with according to severity, but generally it is frowned upon.

No leaking personal information.
Do not share any personal information about yourself or any other player.

No impersonation of another member.

No illegal or unlawful content.
any content shared by user must not infringe any third party's legal rights, and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against you or

No pornography and No violence
Include but not limited to pictures, videos, words, links or any disturbing or mature content