Production Power

The Production Power determines how fast you can build entities in the Factory. It is based on:
• Industrial workers
• Free Engineers (engineers that are not working on facilities)
• Factory level
• Automation technology level


Probes are used to spy enemy planets and fleets.

Strength 1
Speed 36 Mn km per tick
Carry 0
Credits 1 Bn
Iron 5
Gold 5
Production Power 13,000

Invader Ship

Invader Ships are used to attack other players.

Invader Ship
Strength 200,000
Speed 14 Mn km per tick
Carry 10,000 units or 1,000 resources
Credits 5 Bn
Iron 250
Gold 10
Production Power 45,000

Space Fighter

Space Fighters are used to attack other players.

Space Fighter
Strength 1,000,000
Speed 10 Mn km per tick
Carry 5,000 units or 1,000 resources
Credits 1 Tn
Iron 500
Gold 30
Production Power 540,000


Carriers are used to transport large quantities of units or resources.

Strength 1,200,000
Speed 6 Mn km per tick
Carry 250,000 units or 30,000 resources
Credits 2 Tn
Iron 2,500
Gold 80
Production Power 900,000

Colony Ship

Colony Ships are used to colonize other planets.

Colony Ship
Strength 1,200,000
Speed 4 Mn km per tick
Carry 1,000,000 units or 1,000,000 resources
Credits 500 Tn
Iron 50,000
Gold 10,000
Production Power 30,000,000


Miners are used to mine Iron or Tritium from uncolonized planets that have these resources.

Strength 50,000
Speed 11 Mn km per tick
Carry 1,000 units or 1,000 resources
Credits 10 Tn
Iron 1,100
Gold 400
Production Power 720,000

Widow Mine

Widow Mines are used to defend your planet from incoming fleets. Each mine has a base chance of 0.001% to hit an incoming fleet. This value can be increased by leveling the Widow Mine Charger in Military Facility.
WARNING: This can hit your own fleet.

Widow Mine
Credits 25 Bn
Iron 100
Gold 10
Production Power 80,000


This is a consumable battery that holds energy. You must research a blueprint before being able to build one.


You can design a new standardized space battery. Researching will create a new blueprint to be used in factories.