Credits deposited in your bank are safe from all other players. You may withdraw and deposit without restriction.


You may send credits to and receive credits from other players.

Central Bank

Some stats about total income per tick from planets and investments for all players.


  • Investments are accessible to all players but belong to a specific alliance.
  • Investments grow in value according to their interest rate.
  • Shares are created and destroyed as players buy and sell, this system functions differently from a real world publicly owned corporation.


  • If an alliance abandons an investment it will permanently have a -0.048% interest rate per day.
  • If an investment's total value exceeds 30% of all investments in the game then that particular investment will have 0% interest until it's value falls back below 30%.
  • The "stock value change" on the investments page is based on the difference in share price from 72 hours ago.

Investment Creation

When an alliance leader creates an investment they must invest a certain amount of their own credits and turns. These resources are consumed and irrecoverable. The more they spend, the greater the interest rate will be. The interest rate for an investment does not change.

Investment Control

Anyone with the investment permission on an alliance can deposit or withdraw funds from the investment with some limitation:.
1) only once per 4 hours
2) up to 10% of the equity

They can also change the hold limit, buy ratio, or sell ratio once per 4 hours.

Buying and Selling

  • Buying a share creates a share, increasing the total number of shares in that investment. The cost of buying a share is determined by the buy ratio. If a share value is 2000 and the buy value is 110% then it costs 2200 to purchase the share. The credits spent become part of the investment's net worth.
  • Selling a share deletes a share, decreasing the total number of shares in that investment. The payment of selling a share is given by the sell ratio. If a share value is 2000 and the sell value is 105% then the seller receives 2100 upon sale. The credits received are removed from the investment's net worth.
  • A player cannot buy shares if their total shares of the investment exceeds the personal hold limit percentage.


Volatility is global for the entire galaxy, the purpose of it is to balance the 'Galaxy interest'(Total profits generated from all investments) and the 'Galaxy income'(Total profits generated from all planets workers and slaves).
The IIR (Interest-Income-ratio) is the ratio between the 'Galaxy interest' and the 'Galaxy income'.
When the IIR is high, it means the investments are generating too much credits compared to the workers. Therefor, The volatility will go up slowly, in attempt to reduce profitability of the investments.
When the IIR is low, it means investments are generating too little credits compared to the workers. Therefor, the volatility will go down slowly, in attempt to increase profitability of the investments.

The volatility effect on all investments:

1) Direct effect on share price - e.g. a share that cost 1,000 credits with 0% volatility, will cost 2,000 credits with 100% volatility.

2) Effecting the investments buy fee - i.e. the buy fee paid when buying stocks will increase with volatility

3) Effecting the investments Volatility tax - i.e. the unpaid tax added to each investment every 61 minutes will increase

4) Effecting the Constant interest of newly created investments - i.e. when creating new investment, the constant interest rate defined at moment of creation, is lower when volatility is higher