3rd party software approval request


Any 3rd party software need to be approved. Using (or testing) unapproved software is considered to be against the rules.
This document describes how to request '3rd party software approval'.

who is this for?

this document is for anyone who is developing / developed any type of software* that is using the spaceAlpha api** is requested to get their software approved by the council.

Software* - (Script/macro/bot/automation/extension/executable/code)
SpaceAlpha api** - the server

why do we need it

We are trying to keep a balance of while allowing players to develop their own tools and software, but still reduce the unfair advantage, Excessive traffic usage and security breach of users that may come from allowing 3rd party.
Our current solution is to have 'approved' software, with this document each software will be requested to get reviewed by the high council, and they would be able and decide and request from developers.
And also we can reduce the chance of competitive players be forced to use unsafe software (Public list of all approved software)

Required fields in the 3rd party software approval request

1) Purpose of software: Explain the purpose of your software
2) uploading data to server: Explain any data stored on external server
3) traffic usage: explain amount of requests generated, any action done to reduce traffic
4) how many players using it
5) is it sold for money, space credits or real money
6) if opensource, share the code repo
7) contact info- if you are not certificated already make sure to get alpha tester certificate , and also read the
3rd party software development guidelines

How to submit

- Coming soon -

more questions