From 04/25/2020 to 05/24/2020


05:57 PM Feature #167 (Closed): Resposive Web Design / Phone Friendly
should work well with phones ai ai
05:55 PM Feature #166 (New): Planet customization store
Planet skins:
* soccerball, bascketball, tennis-ball, golf-ball
* cheese, gold, tactile, lava
* earth jupiter, mar...
ai ai
05:50 PM Feature #165 (Closed): Use phone touch screen to control galaxy page
ai ai


07:06 AM Bug #164 (Closed): Mission 55 has no text if uncompleted
See !! The Guy


04:43 AM Feature #163 (Closed): Add discord link to footer
The Guy


11:15 PM Feature #162 (New): Abandoned home planet / colony
player should be able to abandoned planets rlo rlo
09:15 PM Feature #28: investment history (year, month, day)
should google "amazon stock" or other stock and copy the style rlo rlo
11:10 AM Bug #161 (Closed): alliances missing strength calculation
rlo guesses it stopped working when players got multiple planets The Guy


03:27 PM Feature #160 (New): pagination for highscore
rlo rlo


05:45 AM Task #138 (Closed): Improve galaxy page
ai ai
05:39 AM Feature #14 (Closed): Spend turns in factory
ai ai
05:38 AM Feature #21 (Closed): Display uninhabited planets and gas giants on other systems
ai ai
05:36 AM Bug #71 (Closed): must refresh page when ownedPlanet list changed
ai ai
05:35 AM Bug #112 (Closed): after scan, local planets should return when zoom in
ai ai


09:52 PM Feature #55 (Closed): More clickable upper bar
rlo rlo


07:03 PM Suggestion #159 (New): highlight owned / alliance planets

Would it be possible to get your planet highlighted in another color?
and maybe the planets of anyone in your alli...
rlo rlo
07:00 PM Feature #158 (New): order investments by different attributes
666MentatToday at 1:06 AM
dont know if anyone else has a preference but i would rather see investments ordered by ma...
rlo rlo


10:08 PM Task #157 (New): Test AWS Cognito locally + user migration
Build example app to use aws cognito, try to migrate existing accounts to it rlo rlo
09:58 PM Feature #155 (Closed): Hide factory and research
rlo rlo


10:36 PM Feature #59 (Closed): Factory: "Production power" Explained
Redmine Admin
10:34 PM Feature #59 (New): Factory: "Production power" Explained
Redmine Admin
10:33 PM Feature #59 (Closed): Factory: "Production power" Explained
Redmine Admin
08:16 PM Feature #156 (Closed): Explain attack types and attack stregth in send fleet
Redmine Admin
07:50 PM Feature #155 (Closed): Hide factory and research
Hide the factory and research from both nation page and main menu, until the planet have engineers / scientists Redmine Admin


12:13 PM Feature #154 (New): reports page, new filter "target"
a 3rd filter in reports ? with target
khamsin asked:
hello, could you consider adding a 3rd filter in reports ...
rlo rlo

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