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1. ding dong for finsih mission

2. mission 5 cant find turns

3. mission 5 quick mining before mine workers

4. should have more resources at first few missions

5. train window, input amount always starts with a value of "1" need to delete
auto select amount input in train window

6. close windows and chat with esc

7. asteriks in chat used to rp

8. mute for chat only (persistent)


#1 Updated by rlo rlo over 2 years ago

Quick mining / using turns:

Using turns and mission 5 in general is not intuitive
Many new players ask "where is this turns thing that mission 5 talks about "

"it seems like everything under energy is just another resource, so have them all in the same spot?
then in the mission just say click turns under your list of resources
the mission leads me to look for the word turns, rather than an icon "

#2 Updated by Redmine Admin over 2 years ago

1) notification if i get attacked after logging back in .
2) all new players miss the facilities bar, need to explain that under the solar/coal plant there is a green bar, you need to move it to the right

#3 Updated by Redmine Admin over 2 years ago

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  • Target version changed from 0.6.0 to 0.88.0 Players suggestions

Moved everything to separate issues. closing issue

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