Trade Overhaul Sugestions (And Reasoning)

Added by fatguy1121 _ over 2 years ago

People instantly transfer unlimited amounts of resources across the galaxy to friends to avoid being raided

Limit amount of resources that can be moved per second

Create a facility called "Trade Hub" that while active allows the transfer of X resources to fulfill trade orders.

I trade 1m resources, each civilization has base 10 trade capacity, therefore I can transfer 10 resources/tick. I am the seller therefore I am responsible for delivering the resources but at 10/t it will take 69 days to complete. so I upgrade my trade hub to allow 1,000 resources/t and capacity of 1m resources (could be hard capped or incredibly high costs to go beyond a certain point) I can have as many as 3 orders in fulfillment at any given time dividing the amount of trade capacity equally (boostable with diamonds). While "trading" a successful incoming attack will either take the remaining money (seller) or resources (buyer) at that time. Resources and money are stored in the trade hub until the order is fulfilled whatever remains is what is taken. The galaxy page shows "ships trading" between origin and destination for the amount of time it will take to fulfill the order. trade hub requires energy and workers while active; increasing at each level.

Additional Request:
  • Give us a global trade chat and/or a system trade chat to facilitate trading roles for ship based transfer not completed through the market
  • Create market history to show trending market values for each resource where at the top of the resource page it says <resource> trending at <price>/ea

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RE: Trade Overhaul Sugestions (And Reasoning) - Added by rlo rlo over 2 years ago

The trade-hub sounds much like warp-gate technology to me -

yea i like but it should be called WARP-GATE and youde also be able to transfer units

RE: Trade Overhaul Sugestions (And Reasoning) - Added by fatguy1121 _ over 2 years ago

I don't usually negotiate with terrorist, but I will with you on this one. I think a warpgate definitely has a place, but not until late game for very established players. For this I think you should implement both a trade hub and warpgate where the trade hub functions as mentioned above, and the warpgate costs tritium to rapidly transfer resources between all of a single player's colonized planets. it should cost tons of electricity and tritium depending on the distance. but this should be SEPERATE from the trade hub idea.

RE: Trade Overhaul Sugestions (And Reasoning) - Added by fatguy1121 _ about 2 years ago

I have a plan for revising market trading since my last suggestion got overlooked. here it is.

Market is controlled in real time by supply and demand where resourses are instantly bought and sold to a galactic stockpile with a capped storage limit the value of each resource will vary depending on how full the stockpile is and the price cap per resource. The buy/sell prices are separated by a fixed rate at say 2% so everyone is free to buy and sell until it is not longer financially viable for them making the price directly coorelated with the supply/demand of the resource