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SpaceCraftAlpha: SpaceAlpha Expected to reach level: over 9000
admins announced recruiting over 800 quintillion credits to develop a fleet control system
Added by rlo rlo over 1 year ago

SpaceCraftAlpha: Researchers discovered new planet entirely made of cheese
Some experts claim the cheese must be over 100 million years old
Added by Redmine Admin about 2 years ago

SpaceCraftAlpha: Alien Invasion is happening now!
Aliens has invaded our planet, their technology is far superior
Added by rlo rlo over 3 years ago

SpaceCraftAlpha: limiting account creation to Facebook login only
due to security reasons and to reduce amount of future multi accounts
Added by rlo rlo about 4 years ago

SpaceCraftAlpha: wiki attendance required
ghhhhhhhelp us write the wiki pleasssssseee :D
Added by Redmine Admin about 4 years ago

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